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Pushkar Group Introdces Daily Chit – Daily Money



Daily Chit is for Small and Medium Enterprises to meet thir financial requirements in very easy reach manner. Cash flows are the lifeline of business-big or small. DAILY CHIT IS A ONE STOP SOLUTION FOR ALL YOURFIANNCIAL ASPECTS.Daily Chiit is the only financial product that allows you to save and borrow simultaneously. The rate of return generated by saving using a chit is much higher than what is offered by banks & co-operative society in recurring, pigmy and other schemes. While saving your hard-earned money as a recurring or pigmy deposit with a bank or co-operative societies would require no or negliglible risk and similarly generate less returns, rotating your funds using a daiy chit would entail low risk while genetating more than 18% returns annually. Daily Chits are a more suitable financing model for small businessses mainly because they do not require rigorous documentation. Daily Chits have been helping small businesses overcome their financial constraints. As and when the need arises, SME’s can pre determine the day their their requirement and receive the loan out of their own funds. Once they receive the loan, they continue to pay the daily contributions, and this accounts for payment towards both the interest and principal which makes the repayment easier and less difficult. Also, interest rates depending on their need.



It’s best to start saving and investing daily as soon as you start earning money. Daily Chit make it easy for member to invest daily with a fixed amount. Daily Chit offer Free Daily Collection Service making it easy for member to save their earned income on daily basis.


Dividends are earned every day. Your Saving for shorter span will yield you higher returns in Daily Chit when Compared to banks or cooperative societies. Return on investment is as high as 18% per annum in daily chits.


Inculcates the habit of compulsory and regular saving every day. Daily Chit will not only discipline you from saving but will also you from unnecessary expenses.


A member is free to lift the prize amount anytime after 40 days or can pre determine his requirement at the calculate interest rates depending on his need. He would save at higher returns, borrow at a lower cost and recue himself from unnecessarily exorbitant interest costs. This is possible by planning, investing, saving and borrowing using daily chits.


Investments are not affected by any market conditions as the period of daily Chit is for One Year. Whereas investing in banks or cooperative societies the returns are low and in other market schemes it requires fixing the investment for longer period to get high returns and is to market risk.


You can get funds in a timely manner without the hassles of extensive paper work. The interest cost, paperwork and sureties required are much lesser when compared to other financial institutions.

Save Money Daily

Saving daily and investing is a lifelong process. The sooner you start; the better off you’ll be in the long run. Lt’s best to start saving and investing as soon as you start earning money. The discipline and skills you learn will benefit you for the rest of your life. But no matter how old you are when you start thinking seriously about saving and investing, Such that you meet every contingent expense without feeling pressured.


Borrow Money

Daily chit is the only financial product that allows you to save and borrow. Be smart; avoid the pitfalls of borrowing at exorbitant costs from money lenders and other financial channels. Borrow at lower rates with lesser hassles.

Choose Wisely

In whose hand you put your hard-earned money matters. Pushkar Chits is a registered Chit fund operating since more than than 25 years in financial services. Pushkar chit is your trustworthy, safe and reliable companion to help you reap maximum benefits from investing in daily chit. The activities of the company are monitored by government officials through the chit fund Act of 1982.Pushkar chits is backed by its competent and seasoned team who have decades of experience. Start your journey towards financial freedom.



(Rs.250/= x 400 Days =Rs.1, 00,000/-)


here's some reasons why you should opt us instead of other banks or patsanstha

Pushkar Chit Fund Pvt. Ltd.

250 /day
  • Daily Deposit Rs.250/-
  • Option of Amount from chit from 41st Day Minimum Starting from Rs.65,000/- onwards
  • Daily Auction- Daily Money
  • Deposit only for 320 days
  • Door Step Service - NO Service Charge
  • Rate of Interest - chance to Decide
  • Receipt Book facility

Banks or Patsanstha

50.. /day
  • Daily Deposits (50,100,150,200…)
  • Can’t Withdraw your amount before 6 months if withdrawn then 5% to 10% penalty would be charged
  • In need your saved money will be given as loan after 100 days
  • Deposit only for 365 days
  • Door step Service (Commission Charged)
  • 20% per annum Interest on Loan if taken
  • Receipt Book facility


Don’t wait for a month

Pay Rs.250/- daily for only 320 days

Minimum interest rates, maximum dividend

Daily Chit ends in just one year, total deposit Rs.80, 000/- Only

Equal Dividends to Every Member

All the bids are fixed, hence no Auction

For 40 Days it is Company Chit. So, No Auction

Get Rs. 65,000/- To Rs. 95,000/- from Govt. Approved Auction Chit!!!


1 to 40 - 250 to 10,000
41 to 80 35% 65.000/- 10,000 to 20,000
81 to 120 32.5% 67,500/- 20,000 to 30,000
121 to 160 30% 70,000/- 30,000 to 40,000
161 to 200 27.5% 72,500/- 40,000 to 50,000
200 to 240 25% 75,000/- 450,000 to 60,000
241 to 280 20% 80,000/- 60,000 to 70,000
281 to 320 15% 85,000/- 70,000 to 80,000
321 to 380 10% 90,000/- Nil (Pay only for 320 days )
361 to 400 5% 95,000/- Nil

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